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Mark “Riot Scruffy” Yetter, the Lead Gameplay Designer of League of Legends, has revealed the upcoming changes for League of Legends patch 10.6. Included in the changes are nerfs to many top-performing champions in the lower ranks of the ranked ladder.

Both Garen and Darius gained significant strength over the last several updates, mainly in their jungle roles. However, these buffs have proven to be too much. Because of this, we expect Riot will revert the changes from the 10.4 and 10.5 updates.

A buff to Teleport in the top lane

One of the key changes planned for League of Legends patch 10.6 is a buff to teleport, specifically for the top lane role. While Riot has not yet confirmed exactly what will change here, many members of the community are already concerned about the impact this could have on the meta.

A large portion of the community shares the sentiment that this is not the top lane’s issue. Players argue that if teleport gains a buff, even if it’s specifically for the top lane, it would just incentivize people to only play for their lane even more. Since a reduced cooldown on the ability would punish bad trades less, it would only reduce the little impact top laners can have on the map.

Matchmaking improvements

Riot Games announced the matchmaking improvements in a blog several days ago. These changes aim to impact the balance of auto-filled players and duo-parties on each team. Previously, this had a significant imbalance, with one party having a much higher chance of winning before the game even started.

Another change will nerf several of the funnel strategies, which currently run rampant on the ranked ladder. The most common of these is the duo of Taric and Master Yi. This duo-queue combo has held the single-highest winrate of any pairing in League of Legends for several months, according to the Blitz app. Hopefully, this patch will successfully address this.

The initial numbers for the League of Legends patch 10.6 update are expected in the next few days. For more League of Legends news, be sure to read all about the upcoming changes to Anivia in the upcoming Mar. 18 update.