League of Legends patch 10.5: Tentative changes
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On Tuesday, Riot Games’ Lead Gameplay Designer Mark Yetter tweeted about the tentative changes of League of Legends patch 10.5. In the tweet, changes for the upcoming update are listed. The list includes several important changes to the current top meta champions in professional play.

Sett, Ornn, and Bard are just some of the champions getting nerfed in the upcoming update. Do note that these changes may be subject to change between now and the March 4 release date.

The champion nerfs of League of Legends patch 10.5

The tentative changes for patch 10.5 include nerfs to six champions. Three of the “Bronzodia” champions, Blitzcrank, Amumu, and Rammus, are receiving slight changes this update. “Bronzodia champions” refers to the champions that have all had a historically higher win rate at the lower ranks. Blitzcrank and Rammus both see a small decrease in their base stats. Amumu, on the other hand, sees the cooldown of his Ultimate increased by 10 seconds at both levels 6 and 11. 

The other champions seeing changes are currently among the highest play and win rates in both professional and solo queue environments. Ornn, Sett, and surprisingly Bard have all been performing far too well for far too long. Bard, in particular, has been gaining popularity recently in the professional scene, after long dominating the ladder.

With the upcoming patch 10.5 update, various aspects of Sett’s base stats are drastically decreased. Meanwhile, Ornn’s passive damage, Brittle, now deals 2 to 2.5 percent less maximum health damage based on level. In addition to changes made to his passive, Ornn also requires an extra level before he is able to upgrade his and his teammate’s items. 

The extra level required before upgrading will slow Ornn down quite a bit; however, it will not be the end of Ornn just yet. Expect him to be quite strong in the coming weeks until more changes to the champion can happen. 

Bard, on the other hand, sees the damage of his passive Traveler’s Call reduced by three damage for every five Meeps collected. While this may seem minor at first, this is effectively a nerf of around 20 percent to Bard’s passive’s damage.

Even more Jungler changes

Jungle Changes patch 10.5

Also included in the update are follow-up changes to patch 10.4’s buffs for various lesser-used jungle champions. Poppy, Mordekaiser, and Darius all see small improvements to the damage they do to jungle camps with their abilities. It is unlikely that these changes will impact the meta in the short term. However, as more changes happen to various champions, these may become playable in the future. 

The final note of Mark Yetter’s tweet states that the changes to Brand in the jungle role have been delayed until the next update. The League of Legends patch 10.5 update is scheduled to hit live servers on March 4. For more about recent League patches, be sure to read all about update 10.4.