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The latest League of Legends update has just hit the live servers. Patch 10.2, while smaller than most of the updates before, has several vital changes that will affect the solo queue ladder and the competitive scenes. 

Critical changes to various bot lane champions

The majority of the 10.2 update focuses on the map’s bot lane. On the Marksman front, we see Draven and Jinx receive a small buff. However, it is highly unlikely this patch’s changes for either of these champions will make them to compete with the holy trinity of Lucian, Miss Fortune, and Aphelios. For support players, things get a lot more interesting. 

One major buff this patch goes to Sona. Sona’s E – Song of Celerity now increases her movement speed by 25% rather than 10-14%. One of her main weaknesses is her ability to stay safe in the laning and teamfight phase. This change attempts to provide Sona with more opportunity to avoid skill shots. However, it is essential to note that Sona has been played in the bot lane position before. The Ability Power build for Sona can still be effective, and could make its way back into the meta with this change.

Other changes to support champions include Nautilus, who received a small nerf to the damage on his Q – Dredge Line, and Lulu, who got some pretty solid buffs to her base stats. In addition to this, the cooldown of Lulu’s E – Help, Pix! has been reduced from ten to eight seconds. 

Patch 10.2’s full note list is available on the League of Legends website

New skins in League of Legends patch 10.2

Dragonslayer Diana & Olaf & Trundle

Six new skins have also been added to the game with patch 10.2. The first set of new skins is a continuation of the Guardians of the Sands skin-line, with Ryze, Rengar, and Janna. Besides this, the other skin-line that is expanded on this patch is Dragonslayer. The Dragonslayer skin-line includes Trundle, Diana, and Olaf.

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