League of Legends patch 10.1 brings Sett, new skins, Sylas changes
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With just a few days left until the 2020 ranked year starts off, its time for the first League of Legends patch of the year. Patch 10.1 introduces new champion Sett and seven more skins. In addition, various changes have been made to all aspects of the game throughout the preseason, with notable changes to Sylas.

Introducing Sett, the Boss

We covered the rumors surrounding League of Legends’ newest champion back in December, and now Sett has arrived. While the 10.1 update hits the live servers tomorrow, Jan. 8, Sett will not be made available until Jan. 14. The reason for this delay to the champion’s release and the Mecha Kingdoms skin line is to ensure a smooth launch of the new ranked season.

The first new League of Legends skins of 2020

The arrival of new skins to League of Legends has been spread out over several days in patch 10.1. The first skin, Freljord Sylas, is set to release alongside the start of the new ranked system on Jan 10. Following this is the release of Sett on the 14th, with the other four Mecha Kingdom skins becoming available Jan. 15. In addition to these skins, a prestige version of the Mecha Kingdoms Garen skin will become available as well with the update.

The key change of patch 10.1

The vast majority of changes made this update focus on slightly improving or reducing a champion’s strength, none of which will be very impactful for the new ranked system. So let’s just look at which champions received the biggest changes with this upcoming update.

The champion that has been changed up most is Sylas. Sylas received as close to a complete rework as possible without calling it an official rework. Nearly every aspect of his kit has been altered in one way or another. The most important changes are surrounding one of Sylas’ core strengths, his ability to reset auto attacks to increase his damage output.

However, with this update, this will no longer be possible through using R – Hijack. In addition, it will no longer be possible to cast Q – Chain Lash while casting Sylas’ E – Abscond/Abduct. To make up for these changes, Sylas’ passive has been overhauled completely. Now, his passive gains “Fast Chainz,” which grants Sylas 60% attack speed while a stack of his passive is available. In addition, Sylas gained a lot of pushing power through a new minion execute on his passive, executing minions under 25 health when they are hit by his passive ability.

League of Legends patch 10.1 will be available Jan. 8. For now, however, be sure to read all about the changes happening in the first update of Teamfight Tactics in 2020.