League of Legends Origins is a feature-length documentary out now
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League of Legends‘ 10-year anniversary just keeps on giving! Apart from all the gameplay-related announcements, Riot Games also made sure to take care of its esports fans. Alongside their new LoL Esports Manager game, Riot also announced a feature-length documentary called League of Legends Origins by Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Leslie Iwerks.

A Netflix original by Leslie Iwerks

Iwerks is known for working on both documentary and mainstream films. Some of her more-known work includes The Pixar Story, a documentary about Pixar Animation Studios, and Recycled Life, a documentary about living around a toxic landfill.

League of Legends Origins will take you on a cruise through League‘s history, from its humble beginnings to becoming an esports giant. A lot of focus is put on League‘s community, and the story is mostly told by the fans. However, it wouldn’t be complete without some insight from Riot’s developers, the brains behind the game. Iwerks focuses both on the negative and positive sides of League of Legends‘ exponential growth and what came with it. It covers everything from its inception as an esport to the massive 2017 World Championship in Beijing.

League of Legends Origins is nostalgic for original fans

Looking at things like the old login screen, map, and game UI, it seems surreal that it has been 10 years since League of Legends first came out. The League of Legends Origins documentary trailer gives us random looks at some of the old cinematics, with the announcer emphasizing impressive statistics from the past. Past that, the developers talk in the trailer about some of the struggles the game had when it first launched, from clunky UI and bad graphics to unstable servers and a store that crashed regularly.

Another nostalgic moment in the doc trailer is the clips from the first world championship. Long pauses and casters trying to fill them with content were, while annoying at the time, a really important part of League as an esport. It shows how League of Legends had to battle its way through difficulties to become what it is today. The rest of the trailer shows similar scenes, mixing both the esports and the community aspects of the game together perfectly.

League of Legends Origins is available now on Netflix and some other streaming services.

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