League Partner Program leak reveals Yuumi, newest support champion
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League of Legends‘ newest cat-themed support champion, Yuumi, has been partially leaked on YouTube. The League Partner Program, or LPP, is a new system that allows early access to content for verified content creators. Through the program, content creators can prepare material in advance and schedule it to release alongside new champions. Unfortunately, the system has the possibility of creating leaks, and this is how we have the most recent information on the Rift’s newest support champion.

A screen capture of the now-removed video's thumbnail.
A screen capture of the now-removed video’s thumbnail.

What we know about Yuumi

After a brief mention in the August 2018 Champion Roadmap, not much was known about the colorful, cat-like support caster. According to a now-removed YouTube video from an LPP member, we have an idea of Yuumi’s kit and model. The information was quickly taken from the video and uploaded to the League of Legends subreddit.

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An in-game image of Yuumi's model.

The support champion, known as Yuumi, seems to have a paintbrush, which likely ties together the “rather colorful mage” comment from August’s Champion Roadmap. While there are no copies of the original video, some Reddit users claim to have knowledge of at least some of Yuumi’s abilities.


As relayed by Reddit user hashtagtylerh, Yuumi’s abilities include:

We already know the W and R. I’m assuming that the Q will be poke. Hoping her passive is cool too.

W: Becomes un-targetable and latches onto an ally, and can re-cast the ability while on the ally to either dash OUT of them or dash to another ally. Can cast her abilities while latched onto the ally, but can’t auto attack.

R: Sends out seven waves, rooting all enemies hit by three waves, all doing magic damage in an AOE. She can move, auto-attack, and cast abilities while ulting. More specifically, she can ult while she is in W.

Another look at one of Yuumi's animations.

While the information on Yuumi’s abilities sounds appropriate, it remains speculative until an official source confirms the leak. With that said, perhaps more details will come forth sooner rather than later if other images from the leaks come to light.

For all future updates on the newest feline support, Yuumi, stay posted with Daily Esports!