League of Legend's Essence Emporium is back with new chromas
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The Essence Emporium is live now on the League of Legends in-game store, and with it comes a ton of hard-to-find items. The bi-yearly sale comes with unique bundles, chromas, and more that players might not find during the year. The Essence Emporium will only remain available until May 13, so players have a limited amount of time to save up for their favorite cosmetics.

Skins and Chromas for your favorite champions

Along with the FPX Skins that released with the 10.9 patch, the Essence Emporium sale serves as a unique chance to pick up chromas for Blue Essence. Chromas are a customization feature that can make your champions feel more unique than they would with just a costume change. The chromas available will rotate across champions and colors, so players should check daily so they don’t miss anything.

The only skin available also happens to be the best available in League of Legends. The Urfwick Warwick skin is a limited-time skin that costs 150,000 Blue Essence. Few people will be able to afford it, but those who can are legends.

Players can also pick up different icon boxes, like the Bandle City Mystery Mini Icon Box. These boxes have changed a little since they were last available. After purchasing a box, their contents will appear in the Hextech Crafting tab. If they include an icon that players already own, it can be disenchanted for a full refund of the Blue Essence cost. Players won’t need to worry about wasted icons anymore.

There is also a sale for the Gemstone King, Prince, and Knight icons. These royal poro icons each come with a Gemstone. These rare items can be used to craft exclusive skins but require ten Gemstones to do so.

Since the Essence Emporium is available for the next two weeks, that gives players time to earn some Blue Essence from daily wins and leveling up. Go win those games and get your favorite skins! And stay tuned to Daily Esports for more League of Legends news.

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