League of Legends Clash: Rewards and how to win them
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Even though most people play League of Legends Clash to enjoy time with their friends, getting rewards for winning certainly doesn’t hurt. Unfortunately, once again, Riot hasn’t made what the rewards are and how to get them very clear. Interestingly, they aren’t as hard to obtain and aren’t even bad compared in to previous events. So let’s take a look at what rewards you can get by playing Clash and how to win them!

How do I obtain Clash rewards?

Clash rewards are generally divided into three categories: trophies, victory points, and capsules. Clash trophies are dependent on the tournament theme and are in-game decorations. You get trophies by winning a bracket with your team. They appear at the Nexus in your Summoner’s Rift games for two weeks after the tournament. Additionally, they also appear on your profile page.

League of Legends Clash Rewards Trophies

Victory points are given to you every time you win a Clash match. For each win, you are rewarded 200 points that can be used to unlock banners. Similarly to trophies, banners also appear in your Summoner’s Rift games for the next two weeks.

Clash League of Legends Victory Banners Rewards

Lastly, every player that plays the tournament will receive at least one reward. Once you exit the bracket, by either winning the entire thing or losing, you will receive a Clash Orb or a Clash Capsule. Its contents will depend on the tickets you entered before the tournament and how far you get in the tournament. Orbs and capsules can contain anything, from champion shards and summoner icons to even skin shards. So don’t be too sad if you lose in the first round; you’ll still get a consolation prize!

Should you have any more questions about Clash, check out our Clash guide or dive into Riot’s FAQ section.

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