LCS Tiebreaker scenarios explained: Summer 2022
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It’s the final day of the 2022 League of Legends Championship Series summer split and although there were five games scheduled, there might be an additional four games played after to settle seeding differences heading into the LCS Championship. Here is a breakdown of the games that could lead to some LCS tiebreaker scenarios and how those scenarios work.

FlyQuest versus Cloud9 (Confirmed)

At the time of this article’s publishing, there is one confirmed tiebreaker already. With FlyQuest’s win over TSM and Cloud9’s loss to Evil Geniuses, both teams have finished the regular season with 10-8 records. And since both team’s split the summer split head to head 1-1, both teams will square off in a tiebreaker game to decide which team will secure the fifth seed and which team will take the sixth seed.

This game is important because the difference between the two seeds are big. The fifth seed will pit the winner against Counter Logic Gaming in the first round of the LCS Championship. CLG finished the season 11-7. The sixth seed however will pit the loser against either Team Liquid Honda or 100 Thieves, two teams that have performed significantly better over the course of the season than CLG.

Team Liquid Honda versus 100 Thieves

This tiebreaker has not been confirmed as of writing, but will kick in if TL defeats 100 in their scheduled game on Sunday. TL are heading into the game with a 12-5 record while 100 are 13-4. A win by TL would make both teams end the regular season 13-5 and since a TL win would tie up the head-to-head record between the two teams at 1-1, this would trigger the second tiebreaker game at the end of the day.

The tiebreaker would decide which team gets the second seed and which team gets the third seed. The difference is massive as the second seed would get a first round bye at the LCS Championship while the third seed would be forced to play in the first round against the winner of the first tiebreaker game between FLY and C9.

Golden Guardians versus Dignitas versus Immortals Progressive

This tiebreaker scenario is a little contested. With the bottom three teams in the league just a game different from each other, the likelihood of a tiebreaker is quite high. Immortals Progressive sit at a 4-14 record and can no longer control their own destiny. However, the very last game of the day is between Golden Guardians and Dignitas. Dignitas are coming into the game at 3-14 while GG is 4-13. A DIG win will move themselves them to 4-14 while also making GG 4-14. This means that all three teams will be 4-14 which ties them all for last place but also eighth place, which is also the last playoff spot. Because of a three-way tie, there will be two tiebreaker games played in this scenario.

In a three-team tiebreaker, all three teams will play at least one game. Deciding who plays first is a matter of total head-to-head records between the three teams. In this scenario, GG has a combined 3-1 record against the two other teams, IMT has a 1-3 record and DIG also has a 1-3 record. Because of this, IMT will go up against DIG in the first of two tiebreaker games. Winner plays GG for the last playoff spot.

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