LCS and Academy Spring Split and Finals suspended due to COVID-19
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In an effort to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, Riot Games has suspended future LCS and LCS Academy games. The pandemic has caused disruption throughout many League of Legends events, and the LCS has been no exception.

LCS Commissioner Chris Greeley broke the news to many fans via Twitter. “It was an incredibly difficult call to make, but this afternoon we decided […] to suspend operations for the immediate future.” He continues, “The same factors that weighed into the decision […] have also led us to move the 2020 LCS Spring Finals from Dallas to the home studio in Los Angeles.”

Greeley goes on to reassure fans they will fully receive refunds for all tickets. He also mentions they hope to return the LCS to Texas one day. “We’re aiming to bring the live action of the LCS and professional League of Legends esports to Texas in the future.”

Difficult decisions to make

This global pandemic has made it incredibly difficult for esports organizations like the LCS to continue with their scheduled competitions. The LEC has also announced the suspension of their games due to possible virus exposure within the staff. For both organizations, live audiences and games have been postponed for the first time ever. Staff and teams have shared their sadness over the recent decisions, but most understand that they must take these measures to ensure the safety of all players.

Overall, the reactions by fans vary from sadness to optimism. Some expressed disappointment over the suspension. Others responded to the letter by suggesting the teams should move forward with online matches. The LCS seems to agree with that idea, as Greeley says the LCS is actively looking to continue the games remotely. No decision has been officially made yet, though.

Unfortunately, there is no set return date as of yet. As the LCS continues to evaluate the situation, they will provide updates as they become available.

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