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An LCK announcer has been removed from today’s League of Legends broadcast due to possible exposure to the coronavirus. She had shared her concerns over an Instagram post, explaining the situation to her followers. The LCK has now quarantined all stadium workers as a precautionary measure.

Kim Min-ah, the LCK announcer that had gotten sick, was sent to a hospital once producers were notified of her fever. Unfortunately, because she was not present for the analysts’ desk, the rest of the hosts had to continue without her.

Sent to the hospital

LCK translator Jeesun “ZeetwoZ2” Park had shared the message from the producers to the viewers. “LoL Park has this rule: If you’re having a fever over 37.5 degrees Celcius, no one is allowed to enter the LoL Park.” She continues, “So Min-ah Kim, we just checked that she has a little bit of a fever. So in case of anything happening, she is going to the nearest hospital to check whether everything is fine.”

Her colleague host Max ‘Atlas” Anderson continued the conversation after the screen switched to the analysts’ desk. “Unfortunately,” He begins, “we need to go back to the fact that Min-ah was taken away as she had a bit of a fever… Which means there’s a chance that she has the coronavirus. We’re taking as many precautions as possible.”

Waiting for results

In an Instagram post, Min-ah shares the status of her health. As per Google’s translations, the post says: “The current situation was shared with the squad (Kt Kuro, Ray) who had a one-game interview. Today’s LoL Park workers and journalists are to be quarantined until all Kim Min-ah announcer’s test results are available.” Under the post, she writes, “It is said there will be results in the evening.”

This is a very concerning time for all LCK teams that had come into contact with Min-ah. LCK managers are prioritizing the safety and health of their staff as the virus continues to spread. We will keep you updated on the current situation once the LCK releases more details.