LCK 2019 Spring Finals Media Day press conference breakdown
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Ahead of this split’s LCK finals, the competing teams met at LoL Park for a press conference. The representatives of SK Telecom T1 and Griffin answered questions from the media.

SKT T1’s reps were Kim “kkOma” Jeong-gyun, the coach of the team, their mid-laner Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, and their top-laner Kim “Khan” Dong-ha. Griffin sent their coach Kim “cvMax” Dae-ho, their ADC Park “Viper” Do-hyeon, and their top-laner Choi “Sword” Sung-won. The questions mostly revolved around the upcoming LCK 2019 finals, past expectations, and the current competitive meta. They were either geared toward everyone or directed at specific team members.

The resolutions

The first question was about both team’s resolutions for the LCK finals. The players and coaches agreed that it will depend a lot on their preparation. Khan also reminisced about the last time he played in Jamsil, where this year’s finals will be held. He told the press he had good memories of that place since he won his first League of Legends finals there.

One of the next questions was aimed at cvMax. The media asked him what he learned after failing to qualify for Worlds last year. He told them that it was only their first split in the LCK and that he learned a lot from the experience. Furthermore, he assured that they will perform better this time compared to last year’s finals.

The next question was a bit provocative, geared toward the captains of both teams. They were asked to name the most threatening player on the opposing team. Sword, without hesitation, answered Khan, since he is his counterpart in the top lane. On the other hand, Faker gave praise to Griffin’s core, the mid lane and jungle.

Additionally, Khan and Sword were asked to talk a bit of trash as they are close friends. Needless to say, their attempts at insults wouldn’t be considered trash talk in the west.

The predictions

The media then asked about predictions for the LCK 2019 finals. The SKT representatives agreed it would either be a 3-1 or a 3-2, while the Griffin side confidently predicted a 3-0.

Following that, the interviewer asked SKT to respond to Griffin’s prediction. Faker expressed his doubts in losing 0-3, while kkOma had to bring up their opponent’s failure last year.

Afterward, cvMax was asked about the promise of increasing the overall quality of performance in the LCK. They wanted to know if he thinks he achieved his goal. He talked about other teams reflecting on Griffin’s style and since their style has improved, so has the league in general.

They then asked SKT’s mid-laner Faker about his rising level of play. Modest as he is, he told them that he thinks he is still very inconsistent in his performances. He believes he is too meta-dependant and thinks he is currently at 70% or 80% of his maximum potential.

LCK Finals Media Day Press Conference SKT Griffin - Faker
Faker, the unkillable demon king, and coach kkOma (Photo credit: Korizon)

The coaches were then asked which lanes they rely most on. kkOma said it was Faker, as he usually steps up on the big stage. However, he added that he doesn’t like pointing fingers at specific lanes.

The meta and previous matches

Moving forward, the next couple of questions revolved around the League of Legends meta and previous games played in the LCK playoffs. They touched on the top lane Hecarim pick, the non-marksman bot lanes, and the match against Kingzone.

Lastly, the coaches were asked what they will do if they win the finals. Responding, cvMax comically said he would do a stream since he previously was a streamer. kkOma added that he would send his player on an overseas holiday.

The full interview is available on Korizon in part one and part two.

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