Launch through flaming hoops with a cannon: Fortnite Week 10 Challenges
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In the Fortnite Week 10 leaked challenges, there aren’t too many that will cause issues for players. However, the first Free challenge, launch through flaming hoops with a cannon, can be tough if you’re not sure where to go.

If you missed our recap of the entire Week 10 challenge list, check it out so you know what to expect.

Here’s the location of each flaming hoop across the Fortnite island and some strategies to complete the challenge:

Location of all flaming hoops

  • Launch through flaming hoops with a cannon – 5 Battle Stars

While Epic Games could have been cruel in this challenge, they were quite lenient. Instead of having players roll around a cannon to find hoops, they instead placed the hoops at cannon spawns. Therefore, you won’t need to travel far to find a cannon to shoot yourself out of.

Although, the hoop locations still need to be found. Luckily, we know where all of the spots are.

Launch through flaming hoops with a cannon: Fortnite Week 10 Challenges

It doesn’t matter which order you choose to follow, just as long as you do each hoop once. The first location is found at Lazy Lagoon, where cannons can be found plentifully. Keep in mind this can be a hot drop, so be wary of enemies with guns chasing you as hop into a cannon.

Next, head southeast to the end of the lava river. A solid strategy would be to grab a cannon from Lazy Lagoon and roll your way to this spot.

Finally, go even further south to the southern part of Salty Springs. On the other side of the skinny mountain is where the last hoop is located.

How to shoot yourself through the hoops

Even though the task may seem simple, it can tricky to line up the cannon correctly. If you miss the hoop, you have a long way to go to retrieve your cannon and try again.

There are a couple of tips to ensure you don’t miss, however. First, find a friend to do this challenge with. Having a squadmate help you roll around the cannon and protect you is invaluable with this kind of challenge.

Fortnite flaming hoops

Secondly, when in the cannon, make sure you’re a good distance from the hoop. Not too far, but not too close is the optimal position. Once in position, line up your cannon aimer slightly above the hoop. This will ensure that you don’t undershoot the hoop. Although, don’t go overboard and aim your pointer too far above the hoop.

No matter how long it takes, once you’ve shot yourself through each hoop, the challenge is done! 5 Battle Stars are now yours and you’re one step closer to completing every challenge in Week 10.

Check out our Fortnite page in the coming days for more Week 10 challenge guides.

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