Latest Fortnite teasers indicate an oil rig is arriving in Season 2
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The Fortnite teasers for Season 2 roll on, as today has brought a flurry of vague hints. The images released today give us a clearer picture of what Season 2 could possibly add. The gold theme is still present, as expected, but there’s also a demolition theme with today’s images. The most popular theory is that an oil rig will arrive on Feb. 20, as a location for the POI has already been discovered. However, there are also some clues that the community doesn’t know what to make of just yet.

The next Fortnite location?

The first teaser from today can be seen above and seems to hint that Dynamite will make a return. True, that’s just a hunch by data-miners and the community. But we can see much more from the image if we turn the exposure way up.


As you can see in the background, that appears to be an off-shore oil rig. This syncs up with the phone calls from real-life posters that had some statements about an oil rig. This theory is further substantiated with the next teaser we got a few hours later.

Fortnite Season 4

If you take the blurriness away, the middle image is a propane tank, which further hints at some kind of demolition theme. However, the floating gold pieces, once put together, seem to make the logo from the Season 4 Omega villain that rampaged the island. We’re not entirely sure what this means as of yet.

Our last teaser image is the one that has everyone talking. It’s of a bomb that appears to be headed for a very specific place on the Fortnite island. The image points to a place just off the coast of Slurpy Swamp, and that’s also where many believe the oil rig will be located.

It’s unclear why there’s a bomb headed for the oil rig, but perhaps tomorrow will shed some light on the subject. If you’ve missed any of the previous teasers from Epic Games, @iFireMonkey has compiled a list with all of the images in order.

From these images, we know that the oil rig will be near Slurpy Swamp. We also can deduce that another POI will be introduced near Dirty Docks, as iFireMonkey outlines. Tomorrow should introduce around 3-4 more teasers, so we’ll keep you apprised here at Daily Esports.

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