Latest Apex Legends update introduces glitch to gold barrel stabilizers
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It’s been over a day since the System Override event arrived in Season 4 of Apex Legends. Respawn decided to introduce the event along with a beefy update, which contained meta changes and a multitude of bug fixes. However, as is the norm with big updates, additional glitches have arrived. While most are relatively harmless, there’s one regarding the gold barrel stabilizers that have fans leaving it on the ground.

Gold barrel stabilizers not worth it in Apex Legends

As of right now, we’re not sure if the gold barrel stabilizers are bugged or if Respawn intentionally made this change. Although, since the current gold barrel stabilizers are worse than the common rarity, we’re leaning towards the former.

If you’re unaware, after the System Override update yesterday, gold barrel stabilizers add a ton of extra smoke to your weapon while firing. Of course, the gold rarity of this attachment is supposed to do the opposite. One professional player, “Ace” of NRG, even states that picking up no barrel stabilizer is better than the gold version.

Also, Respawn patched the muzzle flash issue yesterday with the update. So, what most likely happened is the gold stabilizers simply received all of the extra muzzle flash. One Twitter user, @Aetheon_, explains it as: “So the gold barrel is probably a bug where it’s calculating negative muzzle flash and therefore adding more back on than normal.”

However, most players don’t care what is causing the issue. They simply want a fix for one of the most sought-after attachments in the game. Weapons like the R-99, R301, and Spitfire benefit greatly from the gold barrel stabilizers. So, when the common version is better than the gold, it creates some frustration among the player base. Hopefully, Respawn can put out a hotfix within the near future.

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