Professional player Kurt0411 retires from competitive FIFA
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Self-proclaimed “best player in the world” Kurt0411 has retired from competitive FIFA for the foreseeable future. This comes after a poor year for FIFA, and a trophy-less year for Kurt. He has recently been active on his YouTube channel, as well as on Twitter. His frustrations with FIFA 18 started to show when he stormed off the stage at one of the FUT events.

Controversial Actions

Being a controversial figure comes with a lot of hate. Kurt certainly gets his fair share, most of which comes from the professional players and influencers in the FIFA community. He publicly shames other creators and professionals for their actions in and around the game.

On Thursday, he uploaded a YouTube video titled “WE ARE AT WAR!!!!” which has since been deleted. In this video, he talks about his community being at war with the rest of the FIFA community. He calls out most top-tier content creators in the scene such as Bateson87, Castro, and NepentheZ. In addition to this, he slams some players in the pro scene such as Hashtag Harry, FaZe Tass, and FaZe Gorilla. He says that these people are cowards for not stepping forward to talk about the issues in FIFA.

The Tweets

As mentioned previously, the video was deleted shortly after being uploaded. He then goes on to tweet about how he has been treated. Along with this, he states that FIFA will go nowhere with certain people leading the game.

After he received huge amounts of hate from the deleted video, Kurt tweeted about retiring from playing FIFA. Whether this was an act in the heat of the moment or a carefully thought plan, Kurt will be an entertaining figure that will be missed by the FIFA community.

The Future for Kurt

What will Kurt do now? As he seems to have left the FIFA community, we shouldn’t expect to hear from Kurt for a while. However, he may decide to create content to lead his fans away from FIFA 19. This is something that he wanted to do after playing the beta for the new game. He made a video a few weeks ago addressing this. He mentioned that FIFA 19 is a carbon copy of FIFA 18, therefore no one should buy it.

Will other people support Kurt during this difficult time? Let us know what you have to say, we’d love to hear from you. I also covered the new UEFA content in FIFA 19, so feel free to check that out.