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Being a controversial figure in the FIFA community comes with its fair share of hate and abuse. One of the most controversial FIFA figures is Kurt0411. After an unsuccessful year with disappointing placements in most competitions, Kurt “retired” from competitive play a few weeks ago. However, after consideration, it turns out that this retirement was purely in the heat of the moment.

A recently published video by Kurt follows similar morals and themes as the previous, now deleted, video. He essentially picked out most of the top-tier content creators and said something negative about them or the way that they made content. This video was largely similar, calling out people like NepentheZ, Spencer Owen, and Castro1021 to name a few.

Kurt’s newest video

Kurt often refers to himself as the “best FIFA player.” He also claims to carry the game on his back. As EA told him to remove his previous video, he looks at his controversy with the rest of the community as personal. In the new video, Kurt mentions how he is being treated unfairly by EA, and how they would praise other content creators for making videos like his previous one.

Whilst this may not be completely true, he is correct in saying that EA Sports and the FIFA developers are shaky when it comes to taking criticism. Two major content creators that often criticize the game are Nick28T and NepentheZ. These are the most popular content creators who are not part of the EA Game Changer network. The reason for this is that they bash the game day in and day out, for the better of the community.

Conclusion to Kurt’s video

Towards the end of the video, Kurt uses some editing magic to make an epic announcement. After showing some clips of other content creators saying negative things about him, he cuts the video and comes on to a final announcement: that he will not be retiring from competitive FIFA. Finally, he says that he is not going anywhere and that he will take the game back to the top. This shows that we will well and truly be seeing Kurt all over our social media for another year. So be ready for more controversy. If you haven’t seen the full video from Kurt0411, you can check it out below.

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