Kungarna and Kawhi take the lead in WoW AWC Circuit Week 3 - Upcomer
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For the third week in a row, Kungarna topped the European leaderboard in the World of Warcraft Arena World Championship Circuit. Kungarna achieved a total WoW AWC Circuit score of 6-0 and haven’t lost a match since the kickoff weekend. Meanwhile, North American team Kawhi rose to the top, scoring 5-0 and pushing Team Liquid into second place.

WoW AWC Circuit Week 3

On the first day of matches, Kungarna swept SK Gaming 3-0 by taking them down in the Nagrand Arena, Ashamane’s Fall and Hook Point. Over in the North American region, Kawhi faced Team Liquid and went 3-1, with victories in the Nagrand Arena, Ashamane’s Fall and the Dalaran Sewers.

Kungarna and Kawhi’s battle to the top

When it came down to championship Sunday, Kungarna fought hard against No Money Just Funny, with Kungarna earning the first point after bursting down the enemy Mage. Then, Ashamane’s Fall went to Kungarna again as the team’s Priest, Mage and Rogue relentlessly pressured the enemy Mage.

Kungarna versus No Money Just Funny during the WoW AWC Circuit in the Ashamane's Fall map. The latter team's Mage used Ice Block while Kungarna’s Priest cast Mass Dispel to secure their victory.
Kungarna versus No Money Just Funny in the WoW AWC Circuit. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Although No Money Just Funny’s Mage broke away from two of them, it was futile as Kungarna’s Rogue was right on his heels. No Money Just Funny’s Mage popped Ice Block, but Kungarna’s Priest cast Mass Dispel to secure the win. The final game between both teams happened in Tiger’s Peak, with Kungarna taking down the opposing Mage with a combination of pressure, Combustion and Kidney Shots.

Also on Sunday, Kawhi duked it out against the Golden Guardians, obtaining a score of 3-1. Kawhi claimed victory in the Nagrand Arena with the help of their Rogue using Grappling Hook followed by a Kidney Shot on the enemy Hunter. Although the Golden Guardians tied the score in Ashamane’s Fall next, it wasn’t enough as Kawhi’s Rogue and two Paladins took the enemy Hunter down to win Hook Point.

The Golden Guardians versus Kawhi in Empyrean Domain. Both of Kawhi’s Paladins threw down a Hammer of Justice on the Golden Guardians' Priest.
The Golden Guardians versus Kawhi in Empyrean Domain. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

For the match point in Empyrean Domain, the Golden Guardians closed in on Kawhi’s Rogue, pressuring him to kite attacks. Both of Kawhi’s Paladins reached their Rogue in time, throwing down two Hammer of Justice stuns on the opposing Priest. Although the Priest narrowly escaped, it wasn’t enough as Kawhi set their sights on the Golden Guardians’ Hunter and defeated him.

The WoW AWC Circuit will resume next weekend (June 18-19) on the official World of Warcraft YouTube channel.

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