KT Rolster, Jin Air GW retain LCK spot after 2019 Summer Promotion
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KT Rolster and Jin Air Green Wings will remain in the LCK for at least another split. This comes after both League of Legends teams secured their spot in the 2019 Summer Promotion tournament. Both had to fight their way through a three-round bracket, where they matched against two CK teams. The teams they played against were ES Sharks, who qualified after finishing first in the CK regular season, and VSG, who qualified after winning the playoffs.

After an unexpected ninth-place finish in the 2019 LCK Spring, KT had to prove they deserve an LCK spot. Coming in as the higher LCK seed, they were the favorites to make it back in. It went just as expected, as they cleanly swept VSG in the first round. Furthermore, they had no issues in beating their LCK opponents in Jin Air. The series ended with a 3-0 for KT, granting them a spot in 2019 LCK Summer.

Similarly to KT Rolster, Jin Air were able to sweep their CK counterpart ES Sharks in the first round. However, they met with KT in the second round. As mentioned, KT had no issues defeating them, which meant they would have another chance at re-qualifying.

Both CK teams were knocked down to the losers bracket after losing to the LCK teams in Round 1. In a hard-fought five-game series, ES Sharks were able to defeat VSG and advance to the second Qualifying Round. ES Sharks faced off against Jin Air Green Wings for the last chance to qualify for LCK. After Jin Air dominated the first two games, it seemed as though it would be another quick series. Unfortunately, ESS weren’t willing to give up just yet. They decisively won the third game, giving a glimpse of hope to any Sharks fans. Yet unfortunately for those fans, Jin Air weren’t willing to give up their LCK spot. They dominated the fourth game and the glad plane flew into 2019 LCK Summer.

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