Korean Kid joins Evil Geniuses Academy for 2020 season
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Earlier today, it was revealed that the NA Academy team Evil Geniuses Academy has signed a new mid laner to the roster. Ahmad “Korean Kid” Charif was originally born in Lebanon, but he has spent the last several years competing in Saudi Arabia and Turkey’s professional League of Legends tournaments.

Evil Geniuses Academy’s new mid laner

Korean Kid, formerly known as Exile, has yet to gain much international recognition. However, at only 18 years of age, his track record is already much better than many of the professionals currently in the scene. In his two years, Korean Kid has managed to come from nothing and compete in Turkey’s professional league. In addition, just one month ago, he managed to win the first Nexus Arabia 2019 Main event. The first prize for this event was $400,000 USD, out of the total prize pool of $850,000 USD.

Korean Kid’s shot at the big leagues

This will be the first time Korean Kid gets to show off his talent in the big leagues. He is already this talented and only just starting out his career, so there is no telling what he could achieve going forward. The NA Academy will be a great place for Korean Kid to develop. He has the potential to become one of the top talents of the west in the next few years.

In addition, this opportunity will make it possible for him to play on the main stage of the LCS, as organizations are allowed to switch players between the LCS and Academy league rosters. However, let’s not assume that this will happen anytime soon. Korean Kid will likely need some time to adapt to the new scene, after all.

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