Kkoma becomes the new coach for Vici Gaming - Upcomer
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Kim “Kkoma” Jeong-gyun has long been considered the most successful coach in League of Legends history. After his time with SK Telecom (SKT), he has now moved on to a new opportunity, coaching Vici Gaming (VG). The news was announced on Dec. 16 by Vici Gaming.

Kkoma’s Legacy in League of Legends

Kkoma has the single most impressive track record in League of Legends. He had been with his former organization, SK Telecom, since December 2012 and led all stages of the SKT teams to more success than any organization anywhere in the world. SKT under Kkoma’s leadership managed to become the only team in League of Legends history to win three world championship titles. In addition, the SKT organization currently holds the record for most domestic titles in Korea.

A chance for recovery for Vici Gaming

VG has had a rough 2019 year, ending 16th and 15th in the LPL. However, with many new players signed to the roster this year, and the star coach of SKT on their side, this could well be their chance to get back at the top of the standings. Historically, VG has been one of the better teams in China but has lacked the major success the organization has been looking for.

VG releases two more players from the roster

In addition to the announcement of signing Kkoma as the new coach, the VG organization also announced two more players will be leaving their 2020 roster. Zang “Youdang” Xian-Xin, the former jungler, and Zhao “Aodi” Ao-Di, the former top lane substitute player, have also been released from the roster. Youdang is currently not on any LPL team’s roster. However, Aodi managed to sign as a substitute top laner for Edward Gaming for the 2020 season. For more roster changes in the Chinese League of Legends scene, be sure to read about Mata coming out of retirement to coach Royal Never Give Up.