Kit Kat and more represent new and returning sponsors of the LEC
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On Jan. 22, the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) revealed the sponsors that will be returning to the league in the upcoming year. In addition to last year’s sponsors, earlier today a new sponsorship with Kit Kat was announced. These announcements come just before the start of the 2020 LEC later today, Jan. 24.

The returning sponsors of the LEC

The first sponsor that was announced to be returning is Logitech G. They as part of the partnership will be providing the gear the player will need to compete, including keyboards, mice, and mousepads. Besides this, Logitech G is also sponsoring the “Mechanics” show on the new LEC Twitch channel.

Second is Warner Music. Warner Music returns to the LEC once more as the official music partner of the league, providing soundtracks to play during ad breaks, pauses, and during the setup period between games. Warner Music also hinted at possible live performances coming to the 2020 LEC, but no specifics are revealed yet.

The third is none other than Tchibo. While fans outside of the DACH region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) may not be familiar with the company, it is one of the leading German retail companies in the region. Tchibo will be the national partner for these countries and provide all coffee for the events. More about how Tchibo will impact the LEC will be revealed in the coming weeks.

The last returning sponsor is the global home appliances brand Beko. Beko will continue to host the “Eat Like a Pro” series on the LEC channel. Besides this, Beko will be providing recipes for healthy meals along with celebrity guests. The final part Beko is going to play in the upcoming year is their new series, “Live Like a Pro.”

Logitech Warner Music Beko Tchibo

Have a break with Kit Kat

The final sponsor of the LEC is none other than Kit Kat. What part exactly Kit Kat will be playing in the upcoming season is yet to be determined. However, the announcement hinted at Kit Kat taking control of the “breaks.” This could mean several things, but it is likely that the sponsorship will just impact the breaks between each game.

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