King Legacy Codes (February 2024)
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King Legacy allows you to live out your dream of being a pirate and taking on the open seas to fight other pirates, sea monsters, and more. Luckily, you can make the pirate grind much easier in King Legacy by redeeming codes through the game for absolutely no cost.

Codes in King Legacy offer cash, boosts, gems, and more. While you can earn all of these items by completing objectives in-game, getting them for free is much easier and a more efficient use of your time. To see all of the active King Legacy codes as of February 2024, check out the guide below.

King Legacy Codes

I have confirmed all of these codes to be working as of early February, but they tend to expire quickly, so make sure you redeem them as quickly as possible.

Active Codes

  • Peodiz10 – Redeem for 10 gems (New)
  • Halloween2023 – Redeem for 10 gems (New)
  • Sub2Leepungg – Redeem for a 30-min free 2x EXP and 10 Gems
  • 2MFAV – Redeem for a Stats Reset 
  • Update4.7 – Redeem for 20 Gems
  • Peodiz – Redeem for 100k Cash
  • DinoxLive – Redeem for 100k Cash

And now here is a list of all the expired codes in King Legacy so you don’t accidentally try to redeem a code that is no longer active.

Expired Codes

  • 3xilescha1r
  • 2023
  • QuakeQuake
  • UPDATE4.0.2
  • 1MFAV
  • Shadow
  • 700KFAV
  • 1MLikes
  • Update4.6YAY
  • Threeramate
  • String
  • TanTaiGaming
  • 300KFAV
  • Update3
  • 550KLIKES
  • 200MVISITS
  • 700KFAV
  • 1MLikes
  • Update4.6YAY
  • Threeramate
  • String
  • TanTaiGaming
  • 300KFAV
  • Update3
  • 550KLIKES
  • 200MVISITS
  • 70KLIKES
  • 500KLIKES
  • 950KLIKES
  • 900KLIKES
  • 45KLIKES
  • 150KLIKES
  • Merry Christmas
  • Update2_17
  • 50KLIKES
  • 300MVISITS
  • BeckComeBack
  • delayedchristmas2022
  • BeckyStyle
  • 500KFAV
  • Thx4Waiting
  • OpOp
  • lagshallnotpass
  • 650KLIKES
  • 100KFAV
  • 2BVisits
  • Update2_16
  • 600KFAV
  • UPDATE4.5.3
  • 23kLike
  • 400KLIKES
  • Brachio
  • 45MVISIT
  • UPDATE4.5.0
  • UPDATE3.5
  • 26kLikes
  • 22kLike
  • UpdateGem
  • Snow
  • Peerapat
  • Makalov
  • NewDragon
  • 300KLIKES

How to redeem King Legacy Codes

Now that you know what codes are active, here are the steps to go about redeeming them in-game.

First, open up King Legacy in Roblox then navigate to the main menu screen. Here, select the menu button in the top-left of the screen and choose Settings. In Settings, you will see a text box. Enter your active code in the text box and press submit.

If done correctly, the reward associated with your code will be automatically added to your account.

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