ADC player Kindless suddenly leaves Pixel Esports Club
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The ADC for Latin American League team Pixel Esports Club, Benjamín “Kindless” Fuenzalida Barrera, has recently announced that he is no longer participating in future LLA matches. On Tuesday evening, the official Twitter account for the League of Legends team shared a statement regarding the decision.

Kindless is unfortunately no longer going to take part in the LLA. He is leaving Pixel Esports Club due to unforeseen circumstances. In a statement disclosed by the team, they explained that he will be on the way to his home country of Chile. It is unclear whether he will return.

Pixel giving their support

The statement continues by stating the impact this will have on the League of Legends team. Daily Esports has translated the tweet, originally written in Spanish. “Benjamin is a pillar in our team and it hurts us to see him leave. On behalf of Pixel, the team, and all the technical staff, we will always ensure the well-being of the player before any interest of the organization.” Additionally, they invite other teams to send him positive energy during his time of need.

Pixel’s plans moving forward

Unfortunately, this will be a sudden change of plans for the team that is currently competing in the LLA. “Soon we will be giving news about the plans to fill the great void that Benja leaves in our team.” At the moment, their main priority includes helping Kindless return back to his country as soon as possible.

In response to comments asking about his return, Pixel Esports Club gave a solid answer. “For now the priority is that Benjamin is with his family and we prepare for both the short and long term. It will be the player’s decision of how much time he needs, and we will not press him at any time to return.”

Additionally, it is unsure of how his absence will affect the team during their weekend matches. Pixel Esports Club is currently at the bottom rack of the LLA standings, with 7 wins and 14 losses. They are scheduled to play on Saturday, Feb. 29, against number one team Isurus Gaming. This will be a difficult match-up as Isurus is proudly holding up with 17 wins and only 4 losses.

Respecting Kindless’ privacy

Pixel Esports Club is asking for teams and players to respect the privacy of Kindless and his family. Kindless posted a tweet thanking his followers and the LLA for the positive messages being sent. In the meantime, he will be inactive on all of his social networks until his situation is resolved. “At some point, I will make a statement of what happened. For now, I will remain inactive in social networks until further notice.”