Kim Jung Gi creates new League of Legends mural for 10th anniversary
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Riot Games commissioned legendary Korean graphic artist Kim Jung Gi for a League of Legends mural to celebrate League of Legends’ 10-year anniversary event. The company recorded the drawing process and created a time lapse video to share with the community. This is Kim Jung Gi’s third collaboration with Riot Games.

League of Legends mural

“It would take a lifetime to acknowledge all of you who have helped make League of Legends what it is over the last ten years, but we’ve put together a few things to celebrate the occasion. This is for everyone,” wrote Ryan “Riot Cactopus” Rigney in a statement. “This mural is dedicated to League players—the most creative, passionate, and dedicated community in the world.”

The League of Legends mural by Kim Jung Gi uses his iconic direct-to-ink style. It features a variety of League champions along with the depiction of fans, content creators, casters, and competitive players. Gi’s two previous collaborations with Riot Games included a mural at the Riot headquarters and in Seoul, South Korea’s LoL Park. While all of his artwork is very detailed, he actually claims in an interview that he doesn’t play video games at all. Gi also describes that the murals in LoL Park took him two weeks in total to finish, with five days on each of the two drawings.

Kim Jung Gi

Riot Games headquarters by Kim Jung Gi

Kim Jung Gi is most well known for his clear memory of objects and for inking directly on canvas without sketching, and he is considered a master artist. His work rose to prominence in the west for collaborations with brands like Marvel Entertainment and Blizzard Entertainment.

Kim has created six sketchbooks with 4,500 pages of drawings over a span of 12 years. Kim also holds the record in the Guinness World Records book for “longest drawing by an individual.” What’s one interesting thing that you can spot in the new mural?

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