Kentucky High School Athletic Association bans Fortnite
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Kentucky high school students cannot compete in the popular shooter game Fortnite following a new statement by the Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA). The new ban is a combined decision by the KHSAA and the National Federation of High School Associations (NFHSA). Kentucky is the first state in the USA to ban Fortnite by Epic Games in its esports competitions. However, with this new decision, some are expecting that more may follow.

Why Fortnite is banned

The decision to ban Fortnite followed the addition of the game to PlayVS. It is important to note that PlayVS plans to provide Fortnite competitions on its platform. However, Kentucky high school students will not be permitted to compete. KHSAA Commissioner Julian Tackett explained the reason behind the ban in an email sent to some Kentucky school officials.

“There is no place for shooter games in our schools. This announcement was particularly troubling in that it came on the anniversary of one of Kentucky’s darkest days, the Marshall County incident.”

Tackett said the KHSAA and NFHSA didn’t know about the decision to offer Fortnite on the state’s esports partner’s platform. He added that the decision to host Fortnite competitions on the PlayVS platform has put the partnership’s future at risk.

“Last year, much work went into the development of permission and authorization forms for Kentucky’s schools to continue with esports participation. This is not one of the permitted games.”

Not the KHSAA’s first video game ban

The KHSAA previously tried to ban major video game title League of Legends from Kentucky high schools. However, the board of the KHSAA instead now requires all students to receive written permission by parents, teachers, and superintendents before competing in League of Legends competitions.

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