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After a lot of signings were leaked in the Overwatch League, it’s refreshing to get a truly surprising one. The Toronto Defiant have signed main support player Kristian “Kellex” Keller, formerly of the Boston Uprising.

An experienced Dane

Kellex’s past is mainly tied to the Boston Uprising, as he was their only player who was part of their squad from the start of the inaugural season. His consistency on both Mercy and Lucio was understated. Plus, he was part of the team that reached a 14-game win streak, setting the record at the time. He was never considered one of the best in his position, but he was good enough to stick on the roster in both seasons.

Kellex signed to the Toronto Defiant
2018-02-08 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

But where people have noticed more of his great play is for Denmark, his national team. In the most recent Overwatch World Cup, his play helped the team reach an unexpected finish in the knockout rounds. Alongside his teammates, he proved how he should be in the Overwatch League in 2020.

A solid support line for Toronto Defiant

The Toronto Defiant now finally have a set duo of supports for their next season. They announced Young-seo “KariV” Park earlier this month, so Kellex is going to have to work with Kariv. However, as shown in both his previous seasons, he can work with Korean teammates. Plus, a majority of the team speaks English as their first language. While Kellex isn’t the best possible option for his position, its hard to not take an experienced player for your back line. Kariv is the more flexible support player, while Kellex is the mainstay main healer.

Could it have been better?

Notably, Canadian player William “Crimzo” Hernandez was not picked up by the Defiant. He had been rumored to be in their trials, but he announced on Twitter recently that all teams he trialed for didn’t take him. This may be a missed opportunity, as Crimzo was arguably Canada’s best player in their bad 2019 World Cup performance. However, we don’t know what each player brings to the table other than talent. Kellex might be a great ultimate tracker or shot caller and might just fit better for the team. It is a little unfortunate, but hopefully Crimzo gets his chance in 2020 to make it to the big leagues.

Either way, the Toronto Defiant signing Kellex confirms more of their 2020 roster, which looks very nice on paper. We’ll have to wait and see who their other players are before we can judge them.

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