Keita joins Fnatic as CS:GO pro team strategic coach
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Jamie “keita” Hall has been appointed as the strategic coach for Fnatic’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro team.

This move means that keita is responsible for in-game performance, allowing Head Coach Andreas Samuelsson to make changes to Fnatic’s CS:GO roster. Samuelsson will also support and develop both CS:GO teams using a holistic approach that would help with the physical and mental well-being of players.

The future of Fnatic CS:GO

In the announcement, Samuelsson provided insight on the decision and future of Fnatic.

“Once we had elected that the best course of action to rebuild the CS:GO team would be to adopt an international roster, the natural next step — following the selection of players — was to also assess the management structure,” Samuelsson said.

“Throughout this complete overhaul of the team, we wanted to ensure that we did our due diligence, and put Fnatic back on track to the path of success,” Samuelsson said.

The first step toward this goal involved relaunching the academy team. The next step, according to Sammuelson, was “the main team and the expansion of the management.” Finally, Fnatic needed a new coach.

Samuelsson noted that when keita became a free agent, Fnatic thought he would be a good fit. After several interviews with keita, Fnatic noted that his interpersonal communication skills were useful for establishing good relationships between management and the players.

In-game performance and beyond

“With Jamie joining as our new strategic mastermind, and his responsibility directed towards our in-game performance, I will be responsible for the Fnatic CS:GO division and move to a more managerial role,” Samuelsson wrote.

This means that Samuelsson will be responsible for staffing, new developments, and the holistic structure of the team. Additionally, Samuelsson will help individual players with personal development in-game and outside of it. This will help create an environment that lets keita, with the addition of Alex “ALEX” McMeekin, focus on in-game performance.

“We want to be able to create a platform that allows for a player to not just improve their in-game skills or strategies, but also their mental and physical wellbeing,” Samuelsson said.

Establishing individual goals would aid in both mental and physical training. According to Samuelsson, this would help Fnatic to reach the top when it comes to finding the balance among practice, hard work, tournaments and recovery.

Amy Chen is an esports journalist and enthusiast who specializes in in-depth interviews and breaking news. A University of Toronto and Humber College graduate, she is passionate about building up the Canadian esports industry. Her current favorite games are Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm, and she has always had a soft spot for World of Warcraft!