K/DA collaborates with Ducati on exclusive motorcycle design
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The wildly popular League of Legends virtual K-Pop group K/DA continues to make its mark in the industry —  now with its very own Ducati motorcycle. The virtual girl group formed in 2018, debuting its hit single “POP/STARS” which has amassed an incredible 385 million views and counting. The band followed that huge success up with another major track this year, titled “MORE.” Now, they’re taking it to the next level by getting involved with big advertisers outside of the esports industry.

K/DA premiered its “MORE” music video on October 28 and teased the Ducati bikes throughout several shots. One of the featured members, Akali, drives her neon blue ride while rapping her portion of the song. On the same day of its release, Ducati shared the news to its Twitter followers, promoting the music video.

Showing off Akali’s Ducati motorcycle

The motorcycle features a “very unique” Ducati Panigale V4 design compared to its usual sports bike look. Akali’s version of the bike includes glowing blue rims and the classic Ducati logo on its body. Overall, this high-speed bike will cost buyers up to $39,000, although Akali’s custom design may be worth much more.

It’s safe to say that Ducati must be ecstatic with this collaboration, as the music video for “MORE” gained over 11 million views overnight. Additionally, Ducati’s tweet gained over 13 thousand likes, with impressed fans showing their excitement via comments.

Ducati isn’t the first mainstream company to take an interest in working with League of Legends. Around this time last year, Riot Games unveiled a massive collaboration with Louis Vuitton that included both in-game cosmetics and a real world merchandise line. It’s clear that League of Legends, with its tens of millions of esports viewers and tens of millions of active players, is going to be a hot marketing opportunity for any major brand going forward.

The K/DA pop group is preparing to perform its second live show for the League of Legends World Championship final this weekend. The show will feature a few surprise guests, including highly-anticipated new member Seraphine. While we can’t promise that viewers will see Akali’s new hot ride, Riot Games still plans to put on an exciting show for everyone to see.