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After a long wait, the reworks to Kayle and Morgana is finally here. Riot Games released the teaser trailer to the two League of Legends champions they are revamping this month.

The caption to the trailer video reads, “Two sisters born from the Aspect of Justice chose divergent paths. Only the guilty need fear them”. We would hear about changes to both Kayle and Morgana back in the August 2018 Champion Roadmap that Riot Games released. Riot Reav3 stated in that post that Morgana’s kit will probably have “adjustments to her passive or W in order to better match her new theme”. However, Riot also wanted to “preserve Kayle’s identity as a champion who starts as a melee/ranged hybrid champion”. They also wanted to reflect her entire lore and personality in her new visual update.

The Righteous: Kayle’s Rise

From what we see in the video teaser, Morgana and Kayle have gone through full visual updates. In Kayle’s case, her heavenly stature has been exemplified throughout her visuals. Her armor is glowing with gold and white, with two majestic wings behind her. Her sword is also green, and gives off a similar devine aesthetic to Dawnbringer Riven’s sword. As for her kit, it looks like she starts off as a melee-focused champion. It looks like Kayle has a self-heal/self-speed boost, as well as a possible skillshot slowing ability. She also retains her switch to a ranged auto-attack champion, as seen in the trailer.

Her ultimate looks to have changed significantly as well. In the video, she gains a shield similar to her ultimate versus an ulting Lucian. However, she also charges up for a few seconds and drops down a collection of swords onto the battlefield. It is a similar attack to Quinn’s ultimate, where she transforms back to herself from birdform and rains down arrows around her. It would be cool to see that whatever damage Kayle takes during the ult channel, gets reflected to a certain degree at the end of the ultimate.

The Fallen: Morgana’s Return

Meanwhile, it looks like Morgana will be going through a lesser rework. She is being given a full visual update, but her kit looks to be relatively untouched. She still seems to have her Q, Dark Binding, as well as her W, Tormented Soil. In the video, she also uses her current E ability, Black Shield. Her ultimate also looks very similar to her current ultimate ability, Soul Shackles. However, the animation has been changed completely. In the teaser, Morgana seemingly shoots out multiple Dark Bindings at whatever target is in range. Everything else looks to be the same.

Final Thoughts

Thematically, both Morgana and Kayle look amazing, with the heaven versus hell narrative behind their lore. They also speak on their differences in the video, with Kayle saying, “Why have we wings sister, if not to fly?”, while Morgana says, “Why do we have feet, if not to tread upon the soil?” As of publication, Riot Games has not released any details on the release of the two updates. However, we do think that both will hit League of Legends‘ PBE in the next week or so, while they full release will be a few weeks after.

What are your first thoughts on the Kayle and Morgana reworks? Let us know what you think in the comments below! If you want more League of Legends news, check us out here!