The Kayle and Morgana reworks hit live servers with Patch 9.5
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“Two sisters were born from the Aspect of Justice,” and these sisters are now reworked. Patch 9.5 recently launched on the League of Legends live servers with several changes to champions, runes, and items. Among these changes, we saw the awaited arrival of the new (and improved?) Kayle and Morgana. Kayle’s rework focuses more on her abilities and gameplay while Morgana’s rework only contains small ability changes and focuses on visual updates.

Kayle’s Divine Ascent

The righteous sister’s kit has changed a lot more than Morgana’s, boasting a new passive ability and four new actives. Divine Ascent, Kayle’s new passive, grants bonuses at different levels. At level 1 (Zealous), she gets an attack speed bonus that increases with multiple attacks. Once she has landed enough attacks within a set time, she becomes “Exalted.” When Kayle is Exalted, she moves faster towards enemies. At level 6 (Aflame), her Exalted attacks launch flaming waves that deal bonus magic damage to targets.

Kayle is a melee champion, but that changes mid-game now! Once she reaches level 11 (Arisen), she evolves to become a ranged champion. The final upgrade of her passive comes at level 16 (Transcendent). At this point, Kayle is permanently Exalted and her flaming waves begin to deal true damage. If you come across a Kayle in-game, you may want to end the game quickly. Once she reaches her final form, she becomes very tough to contain.

Kayle’s new abilities

Kayle has other new features too! Along with her passive rework, she has four fresh abilities to aid her in battle. Her Q ability, Radiant Blast, summons a flaming blade that fires in a straight line after a short delay. The blade slows her target and reduces their armor and magic resistance for a short time.

Celestial Blessing is Kayle’s new W ability. Instead of healing one target, Kayle heals a target ally and herself at the same time. Kayle and her ally also get a burst of movement speed once healed.

Kayle’s next ability synergizes with Divine Ascent. Starfire Spellblade (E) passively increases Kayle’s attack damage and ability power. When activated, Kayle’s next basic attack becomes ranged and does damage based on her target’s missing health. Once Kayle hits level 6, this attack will also deal splash damage to nearby targets.

Finally, Kayle’s ultimate ability, Divine Judgement, allows her to make herself or an ally invincible for a short time. The protected target is also surrounded in swords, which fall and deal damage to enemies as the invulnerability wears off.

This rework brings a lot of new features to Kayle’s kit. It will take time before players get used to her new abilities and play styles. Riot has released spotlight videos for you to catch a glimpse of the rework before you see it on Summoner’s Rift.

Morgana’s makeover

Although Kayle’s rework was thorough, Morgana’s was much simpler for patch 9.5. The fallen sister’s rework seems to be focused on visual updates. The only gameplay changes for Morgana on this patch are a small change to her W, Tormented Soil, and her ultimate ability, Soul Shackles. Tormented Soil now deals extra damage to targets that are missing health. Soul Shackles now make Morgana quicker while she is moving towards enemies that are caught by her shackles.

Morgana is now sporting reworked visuals on her abilities, general movements, and her recall animation. The new visuals are stunning compared to the old visuals, and I recommend you take a peek for yourself. The most notable change is the character art. The team at Riot did a great job taking Morgana and giving her a refreshing makeover for Summoners to enjoy on the Rift.

The Fallen and the Righteous have joined us on Summoner’s Rift, born anew with patch 9.5. Be on the lookout for the reworked versions of Kayle and Morgana. Let us know what you think about the new abilities and visuals that Riot has implemented for the sisters. Be sure to check out our other articles on League of Legends too!