Kawhi and Kungarna top WoW AWC Circuit Week 4 leaderboard and head to grand finals - Upcomer
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After a weekend of intense PvP action, Kawhi and Kungarna players both topped their respective World of Warcraft Arena World Championship Circuit leaderboards. While European team Kungarna remained undefeated throughout all four weeks of the WoW AWC Circuit, North American team Kawhi rose to first place last week and defended their position.

Kungarna goes undefeated in WoW AWC Circuit

On the first day of Week 4, Kungarna fought against Casual Dads, sweeping them 3-0. Both teams duked it out with Rogue, Mage and Priest team mirrors in game one. Kungarna eventually took the win after using crowd control on the enemy Mage to burst him down.

Kungarna versus Casual Dads in the WoW AWC Circuit
Kungarna versus Casual Dads in the WoW AWC Circuit. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Next, Kungarna and Casual Dads battled in Hook Point. The latter team’s Mage kited attacks while their Priest healed him up; it was no use, however, as Kungarna continued the pressure and prevented the Mage from dishing out enough damage. Both teams fought hard for match point in Ashamane’s Fall, with Kungarna playing aggressively and taking the final victory.

With a match score of 3-0, Kungarna earned a cumulative match record of 7-0 and secured their spot in the WoW AWC grand finals for the European region. LF Org, SK Gaming and Casual Dads will also fight in the grand finals from July 16-17.

WoW AWC grand finals information for the European region
WoW AWC grand finals information for the European region. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Kawhi heads to WoW AWC grand finals

Over in the North American region, Kawhi fought against Unitas on Sunday. The first match occurred in the Nagrand Arena, with Kawhi using a chain of crowd control to take down the enemy Rogue.

When both teams battled in Hook Point, Kawhi pressured Unitas’ Mage and forced out a Guardian Spirit from the team’s Priest for heals. However, that pressure wasn’t enough, as Kawhi players then quickly focused on Unitas’ Rogue and took him down. After fighting in Empyrean Domain and defeating the enemy Rogue once more, Kawhi players earned their final point, sweeping Unitas 3-0.

Kawhi versus Unitas in WoW AWC Week 4
Kawhi versus Unitas in WoW AWC Week 4. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Like Kungarna, Kawhi advanced to the WoW AWC grand finals for the North American region after their match this week. In the upcoming event between July 16-17, Kawhi will face Three and a Half Men, while Team Liquid clashes against Cloud9. Fans can catch all of the esports action over on the official World of Warcraft YouTube channel.

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