Karmine Corp. win European Masters, become first back-to-back champions
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Editors note: This story used to say Karmine Corp. won the summer split of the French league. This has since been corrected.

Karmine Corp. has made history by being the first team to win the European Masters tournament back to back. The historic moment came in a 3-2 win over Fnatic Rising as the French organization stopped an attempted reverse sweep in Game 5.

The dominance of Karmine Corp. in European Masters

Karmine Corp. have been on a tear at the EU Masters tournament and their own league since last year. They were able to get first in the spring and second in the summer split of the French league on the way to their repeat championship. They faced a powerful Fnatic Rising in the finals that were the representatives of the UK and Nordics region.

The finals themselves were an intense series of games. Most analysts and fans had Karmine Corp. winning the championship. However, Fnatic Rising put up a decent fight. The first game showed why Kamine Corp were the defending champions of EU Masters. The team played from behind and took a game from their opponents that they had no business winning. Several outnumbered teamfights later, Karmine Corp. were the first to strike as they stole Game 1 and won a solid Game 2. With the French titans on match point, it would take a large effort in order for Fnatic Rising to come back.

Fnatic Rising were able to bring it back in the third and fourth games, showing that they belonged in the grand final. Louis “Bean” Schmitz in particular had a great performance in Game 3 and 4 with Aphelios. Despite nearly snatching the entire championship from the jaws of defeat, Karmine Corp. would show Fnatic Rising their experience in the fifth and final game. The La Ligue Française representatives silenced any doubters with a 21 minute stomp. Their jungler, Jakub “Cinkrof” Rokicki, decided the game with his aggressive early game moves.

“For us it was about us proving we are the best team outside of the LEC,” Cinkrof said at the end of the broadcast.

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