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A brand new set of “K/DA”-themed skins is coming to League of Legends.

K-pop began in the ’90s with the boy band H.O.T. Korean pop music is a mix of funky audiovisuals. The perfect synchronization of sound and music fits beautifully into the world of video games. Fun, colourful, and upbeat. K-pop has featured widely in League of Legends. From taunts to dance moves, many champions have embodied the K-pop culture. Even skins like Popstar Ahri and her chromas are based on Girls’ Generation’s “Tell Me Your Wish.” There are so many references to K-pop that a whole YouTube video has been released. It’s a little old now, and some of the mentions aren’t exactly accurate, but it gives you a pretty good idea of the K-pop coverage in League. It’s widespread and very popular. Thus it comes as no surprise that K-pop makes another return to the beloved video game.

Four K-pop skins

K/DA is the chosen name of the new League of Legends K-pop band. Okay, there’s not really a band. But there are four champions with electric-like new looks. Ahri, Akali, Evelynn, and Kai’Sa join forces and move to their new tune.

This cool video shows off the four skins and some of their abilities. Synchronised dancing is one thing, and now they have synchronised attack moves. The neon-like colours suit each of the characters nicely. New animations and sounds come complete with the new skins. Each new skin carries at least one ability that plays a neat little tune when used. Like most of the skins in the game, the K/DA skins have their own unique recall. These skins drop a spotlight on the champion whilst they dance and are taken back to home base. All four skins do the same dance (hence the synchronised video above), but each have a different finishing pose before they complete their channeling.

Along with the four K/DA skins, there’s one Prestige Edition skin. Kai’Sa will be getting a golden trim, equipped with unique ability visuals, model changes, border, and some cool splash art. Whilst the release date on most skins is still to be announced, we know Kai’Sa’s prestige edition will be available to purchase during the World Championship.

K/DA Ka’Sai Prestige Edition skin

You’ll be able to pick up her for 2,500 Worlds Tokens, so make sure you start collecting. The event is live on League of Legends right now. If you’re not online playing during the event, make sure you check out Worlds and follow all the awesome updates. Read about the top storylines to follow, as well as the upsets that happened on day one.

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