K/DA teases League of Legends fans with pre-release single
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Riot Games may be preparing for a music-filled summer as K/DA promotes their next single “The Baddest.” League of Legends’ successful K-Pop group is hyping up fans for their comeback. Additionally, the group showcases only four out of the five original members, and there may be a reason why.

Fans are eager to hear K/DA’s newest single, especially after (G)I-DLE’s recent POP/STARS performance. The group, consisting of Evelyn (Madison Beer), Kai’Sa (Jaira Burns), Ahri (Miyeon), and Akali (Soyeon), reached over 362 million views on YouTube since their 2018 debut. They even reached number one on Apple Music’s K-Pop chart, giving the group considerable clout.

Although their newest promotional photo doesn’t include a fifth member, there is some speculation on who it may be. The third silhouette in the photo is mysterious to K/DA’s Twitter followers, and many have speculated that Evelyn is the one who’s missing. Others have suggested that Riot will reveal the mysterious figure as the upcoming teased champion Seraphine. Due to her being a self-proclaimed singer, it makes sense for her to join the K-pop group. Unfortunately, the Seraphine rumors have yet to be addressed, so fans will have to wait for more details.

One user linked back to original artwork created by Legends of Runeterra Illustrator Jun Seong Park. This piece shows a K/DA version of mid-laning champion Katarina. Although the silhouettes almost match the promotional photo, it doesn’t quite fit the design.

A new album or single?

In K/DA’s promotional tweet, they suggest “The Baddest” to be their pre-release single. The newest song being a pre-release may imply that an entirely new album is on its way out. Additionally, Riot may also release new K/DA-themed skins for the occasion, especially after the popularity of both the original K/DA and True Damage skins.

Riot Games may be bracing itself for an extremely successful come back, especially since POP/STARS is still popular until this day. Follow Daily Esports to stay updated on K/DA and all things League of Legends.