Jett and Sage are the most popular Valorant Agents
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A new infographic from Riot Games shows that Jett and Sage are the most popular Valorant Agents. Jett is the most-picked Agent in three regions of the world, and Sage is the most-picked in the other three regions. Both Agents have definitely been strong so far in Valorant, but also saw a lot of nerfs. Here’s a look at what has made them so good so far.


Jett was the most popular Agent in the US, Korea, and Turkey. She is currently the only Agent in Valorant with instant mobility. Agents like Omen and Raze have some mobility, but their abilities require setup and time to execute. Jett can immediately dash or jump up, which gives her a huge advantage when it comes to positioning and dueling. Her smokes also help her obscure vision and isolate angles.

Jett’s most deadly ability is her ultimate ability, Blade Storm. Blade Storm gives Jett five knives that she can throw with perfect accuracy even while moving or in the air. She can also fire all her knives at once in a burst pattern. Scoring a kill with her ultimate gives her a set of new knives. A good Jett can singlehandedly take control of a round with a good ultimate.


Sage was the most popular Valorant Agent in Mexico, Brazil, and Russia. She is currently the only Agent who can heal allies. Her Barrier Orb and her Slow Orb abilities also give her some great tools for controlling sites.

Sage’s ultimate, Resurrect, provides her team a huge tempo swing in a round. Being able to bring a dead ally back to life can turn the tides by giving her team a numbers advantage. While Sage saw a lot of nerfs to her heals and her Barrier Orb, her ultimate is still one of the most valuable moves in the game.

With big changes coming in Act II, along with several nerfs to Sage and Jett, other Agents are bound to rise to the top in Act III. Let us know who your favorites are in the comments!