Is there slide canceling in Modern Warfare 3?
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One of the more popular movement features in Call of Duty is called the slide cancel. It was originally discovered as an exploit with Modern Warfare 2019’s movement system but has since stuck as a dedicated feature in every game since then with the exception of this year’s MW2. However, many fans are hoping that slide canceling will return in Modern Warfare 3.

A slide cancel is basically the act of resetting your Tactical Sprint by sliding and then quickly canceling it so you can continue running. It’s a highly popular feature amongst the competitive communities in both multiplayer and Warzone, as players feel it adds a skill gap to either game. While you might feel differently about slide canceling, we do have confirmation regarding whether it will return or not in Modern Warfare 3.

Check out the guide below to see if your wish has been granted or if your biggest nightmare has returned.

Does Modern Warfare 3 have slide canceling?

Fortunately for all of you movement kings and queens out there, slide canceling is confirmed to be a feature in MW3. The developers at Sledgehammer Games revealed the feature was returning in a September blog post, but the recent multiplayer reveal trailer also showcased a slide cancel in action.

If you’re worried that the slide cancel looks to be a little slow compared to other games, it should be noted that it appears the Operator in the clip is wielding a battle rifle. This would make the Operator move slower than usual. It also looks like the trailer is being slowed down and sped up at different times, which alters how fast the slide cancel looks. We also don’t know how certain perks and attachments affect your overall movement speed in MW3.

All of this is to say I wouldn’t worry about how slow or fast the slide cancel looked in the trailer. I would assume the slide cancel in-game looks and feels a lot like the one from MW2019 or Vanguard. Of course, we will find out soon for ourselves when the multiplayer beta goes live for MW3.

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