Is there an Auction House in Diablo 4?
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Diablo 4 is finally getting released to the public after several, long years of development. The release comes in the form of a public beta, which pre-order players can access starting on March 17. All other players will have to wait until the weekend of March 24 to begin playing. The beta won’t last long and will only hold a small amount of the content that fans can expect when it fully launches in June. In regard to that content, some fans are wondering exactly what they can expect both in the beta and the full game. One of the more popular questions surrounding the content in Diablo 4 is whether or not there will be an Auction House available.

Auction House in Diablo 4 — Will there be one?

The Auction House was a large part of what made Diablo 3, at least on PC, so replayable for such a long time. It’s essentially an online marketplace where players could put their items up for sale. Alternatively, players could search for an item they wanted and buy it on the spot if they had enough funds. This Auction House featured real-life money, so it was an actual marketplace and created a true economy around Diablo 3. However, it received some massive backlash from members of the community, and Blizzard eventually removed it 10 years after it was released.

Unfortunately for fans of this system, there will not be another Auction House coming to Diablo 4. This was confirmed in a December tweet by Diablo 4 general manager Rod Fergusson.

Blizzard has since stated that it has a system in place for trading items. However, players will not be able to trade certain items, including Legendaries and Unique items, quest items, premium currencies, and Occultist-enchanted items. All other items, including gold, are available to be traded.

If players want to trade with another player, they can add them to their party, open the action wheel, and use the trade function. You can both add the items you want to trade, hit confirm, and you will swap items. Hopefully, this trading system is more well-received than Diablo 3’s Auction House, but we’ll have to wait and see after Diablo 4 releases its beta on March 17.

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