Is there a New Game Plus mode in Dead Space Remake?
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For some players, the Dead Space Remake is simply not challenging enough, even on the hardest difficulty levels. While that might not be the case for others, there is a crowd out there that wants an even tougher challenge out in the void of space. If you find yourself in that club, there is actually something you can do about it. Luckily for thrill-seekers, the Dead Space Remake offers a New Game Plus mode.

New Game Plus (often referred to as New Game +) is a classic video game feature that essentially allows players to access a whole other level of difficulty for a game. However, in addition to that added difficulty, players will also get to keep a large chunk of their items and upgrades from their first playthrough. The New Game Plus mode in Dead Space Remake is explained more in-depth below.

New Game Plus mode in Dead Space Remake

Dead Space remake New Game Plus mode
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First and foremost, you won’t be able to access New Game Plus until you’ve beaten the Dead Space Remake on any other difficulty level. This means even if you beat the game on the easiest difficulty, you’ll still gain access to New Game Plus. Once you’ve done this and the credits have rolled, the option to play New Game Plus will appear on the main menu.

In New Game Plus, you keep all of your weapons, items, upgrades, and credits from your original playthrough. However, your security clearances do not transfer, so you’ll need to complete those again. In addition to all of your earned items, the game will also reward you with some bonuses for playing New Game Plus, which include:

  • 50,000 credits
  • 10 Power Nodes
  • New text logs
  • Advanced Soldier RIG Suit

If you put in the time to beat the Dead Space Remake for a second time in New Game Plus, you’ll earn an achievement and can also unlock a secret ending to the game. To unlock the secret ending, you have to find a new collectible, called Master Fragments. Finding all 12 of these in the story will net you the secret ending.

The added difficulty of New Game Plus mainly lies in the Phantom Variant of the Necromorphs, which can completely stop you in your tracks.

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