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Starfield is going to be a game of massive proportions, featuring 1,000 planets, hundreds of thousands lines of dialogue, and complete customization, among other content. At this point, we have seen several gameplay deep dives and trailers that give us a solid idea of how all of this content will connect with each other. However, one of the trailers has specifically garnered attention due to a small detail being spotted by keen-eyed fans. That small detail is a “Rage Quit” button that is present in a player’s ship in Starfield.

The term “Rage Quit” has been said for decades, and it describes when a player quits a match or game extremely fast due to being angry with it. The term is usually heard in multiplayer games by players who are on a death streak, die in a weird way, or simply aren’t having fun anymore.

The Rage Quit button in Starfield has caused some confusion and debate online, so we’re here to debunk any theories surrounding the possible feature.

The Rage Quit button in Starfield

At this point, we can’t say for certain if the Rage Quit button will be an actual feature in Starfield when it launches in early September. You can clearly see the button in a spaceship, but this could have easily been an easter egg placed in the trailer by Bethesda. The button’s presence does not mean it will be a guaranteed in-game feature.

Starfield rage quit button
You can see the Rage Quit button in the top right of the ship’s console. | Image via Bethesda

However, on the flip side, the button could very well be an actual mechanic that is present in some or all spaceships. The button could be interactable and possibly cause players to eject from their ship or exit out of the game quickly when pressed. There could also be some other applications for the Rage Quit button, but everything is speculative at this point.

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This could have been an easter egg placed by Bethesda or an actual feature that has some untold backstory. There aren’t enough details to know either way at this point in time. We will have to wait and see if the Rage Quit button is a part of Starfield when it releases on Sept. 6.

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