Is the Fortnite Season 2 meta becoming an issue in public matches?
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So far, Fortnite Season 2 has received mixed opinions from the community as a whole. On the positive side of things, the mobility from previous seasons has returned with the launch pads back in the game. Also, there’s an added element of danger with the new POIs and NPC bosses, like Midas. However, with all of the positive things, there are bound to be some negative ones as well. At the top of that list might be the new meta Fortnite Season 2 has brought in with the return of items like C4.

Season 2 meta of Fortnite not enjoyable for some players

If you’ve been around Fortnite for a while, you may remember the meta of Season 5. This season introduced the P90 SMG, which shot insanely fast, and the C4, which is self-explanatory. The addition of both these items led to a very frustrating “spray” meta.

fortnite p90

Essentially, this meta was players equipping weapons and items that were able to break down enemy structures with ease. First, they would detonate walls and stairs with several C4 then break in with the P90 SMG.

Of course, this was extremely irritating for players that did not possess the items necessary to fight this kind of approach. However, Epic Games decided to eliminate this meta with nerfs and vaults of several items.

Though, it appears that this meta might be back in Season 2. C4 was unvaulted in Fortnite and with other weapons like the Rapid-Fire SMG and Rocket Launcher, enemy structures don’t stand a chance. Take a look at this clip on Reddit as an example.

fortnite meta in a nutshell from FortniteCompetitive

From the looks of it, the enemy player in the clip didn’t have a hope of surviving this engagement. With C4 opening up the fight, it becomes much easier for approaching players to gain entry into structures.

Epic Games haven’t commented on C4 as of yet, but many Fortnite players are calling for either a nerf or a vault. Just take a look at what the Fortnite World Champion has to say on the matter.

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