Is Santa Sena Border Crossing coming back to MW2?
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Over the course of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s life cycle, there has been one map seen as more controversial than almost any other in COD history. Santa Sena Border Crossing was immediately divisive when it was first seen in MW2 back in October of 2022. The map has dozens of cars that can explode at any moment in the middle of the map and the map itself is shaped like a narrow river. To make matters worse, the map would come up in Quick Play matches more than any other map in multiplayer, leading to some frustrations for players.

However, when the Season 2 update was released in mid-February, players noticed that Santa Sena Border Crossing had seemingly disappeared from the multiplayer map rotation. Players no longer saw it pop up in Quick Play matches, no matter how many games they played. While players don’t know whether or not Activision removed the map for good, they want to know if it’s ever coming back to MW2.

Santa Sena Border Crossing in MW2

MW2 Santa Sena Border Crossing map
Provided by Activision

Although we don’t have any official confirmation, Border Crossing has not been completely removed or replaced in MW2. We can confirm that it still appears in Quick Play matches and any other playlist that features every single other multiplayer map.

It appears that the developers have simply made the map appear far less than it previously did in multiplayer. This likely stems from the numerous complaints from the community regarding how frequently they would see Santa Sena Border Crossing matches. While this would be slightly annoying with any map in MW2, it didn’t help that Border Crossing is so controversial.

So, essentially, Border Crossing is still a part of the map rotation in MW2. Players will just be seeing far less of it in Season 2 and beyond unless the developers change something again.

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