Is Revenant still being introduced in Apex Legends Season 4?
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Earlier today, Respawn revealed Season 4 of Apex Legends, which is named “Assimilation.” In the reveal, they announced that a new Legend, Forge, would be arriving as well as other content like a Battle Pass and new weapon. This has fans extremely excited for the next few weeks of Apex Legends, as the beginnings of seasons are usually the best periods. However, some fans are wondering where one Legend is in regards to Season 4. Revenant, a character leaked a while ago, was nowhere to be found in the reveal.

Revenant scrapped or in waiting for Apex Legends Season 4?

There’s no denying Respawn has pondered including Revenant in Apex Legends. His name and images are all over the in-game files, leading us to believe he’ll make his way to Apex sometime in the future. Many believed the Legend would be Season 4’s poster character. However, Respawn decided to make Forge the main character for Assimilation.

Although, Revenant may not be scrapped entirely for Season 4. As noted by Reddit user VonHollde, we may have gotten a look at Revenant without knowing it.

I think I found Revenant cloaked in the background of season 4 blog. HE’S STILL AROUND! from apexlegends

While this is far from any kind of confirmation, it does support the evidence we’ve seen in the past.

If that is Revenant playing hide and seek in the background, then Respawn is trying to tease us. Perhaps Revenant will come in Season 4 along with Forge and they’re just not revealing that to the community. This could also mean they’re still fine-tuning how the character plays and he’ll arrive later in the season.

Take all of this information with a grain of salt, as this could just be a graphical error. However, it is interesting to see the vague outline of Revenant in the new season reveal.

What do you think about Assimilation? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all Season 4 content!

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