Is Redfall down? How to check the server status
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What some players might not know about Redfall is that it is an “always online” game, meaning that you are connected to its online servers whenever you decide to play. This is true even if you are not playing in multiplayer co-op with a friend or two. But because of this, when Redfall goes down — either for maintenance or server problems — you will not be able to access the game until the online connectivity is restored.

Since Redfall launched, there have been a couple of times when the developers have had to take the servers offline. This is for routine maintenance, as the developers are applying hotfixes to the backend of the game to ensure that it’s running smoothly for everyone. The developers are also trying to fix some of the numerous issues that sprouted up after the game’s launch.

If you’re trying to get on and play Redfall but you can’t seem to do so, you might be trying to get online when the game is currently down. We know exactly how to check so you can be back to gaming ASAP.

Redfall down? Checking the server status

First and foremost, your initial destination to check on the status of the servers should be the main Twitter account for Redfall. Over the past week, this account has been tweeting regularly about any expected server maintenance and updates on future patches.

Alternatively, you can also check the Bethesda Support Twitter account. This account is not dedicated to Redfall, but it too has been tweeting about server maintenance and when players can expect the game to be back up and running. Players can also visit the website UpdateCrazy to see if any other users have reported server troubles, in case the two Twitter accounts have remained silent.

Aside from those options, there’s not currently a solid way to check the server status of Redfall.

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