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It’s no surprise that the eyes of the gaming community are on Palworld, a game where Pokémon-esque characters are running around with weapons in their hands. With so much interest, players are wondering if Palworld will drop on their favorite platforms, including PlayStation.

Palworld is an open-world RPG where the cute creatures have a distinctly unique character trait: They are carrying weapons and guns to deal crazy damage. It’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, and people have gotten very excited.

We already know that Palworld‘s early access will start on January 19 on Steam and Xbox consoles, but what about those with a PlayStation 4 or 5?

Will Palworld be released on PlayStation consoles?

No, Palworld will not be released on PS4 or PS5 consoles when it launches on January 19. This was confirmed by developers Pocketpair in an early access FAQ session on Steam on January 10.

That means the only way to play Palworld on release day is on PC using Steam, or on Xbox consoles like the Series X or One, where it is also available on Xbox Game Pass.

A large elephant-type creature with green hair, two white tusks, and an orange body, reaching up at a tree.
Imagine this big lad with a rocket launcher. Image via Pocketpair

Could Palworld come to PS5 in the future?

In the Steam FAQ session, Pocketpair confirmed that while they didn’t “have plans” for a PlayStation release at the moment, they “will consider it during development.” While that’s definitely not confirmation that it’ll happen, it does suggest that they are open to it if the game takes off and the community is vocal enough.

This comes after the confirmation that it would be on Xbox Game Pass, which suggests that while Palworld will be on the service, there’s no agreement for it to be exclusive to the console—at least for the time being.

It’s unlikely we’d see it during the early access phase though, as the developers will be busy working on improving and polishing the game ahead of full release.