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One of the biggest surprises at the 2024 Royale Rumble was the arrival of Jade Cargill. Will she appear in WWE 2K24? Here’s what we think.

The Royal Rumble is full of surprises, and while we knew Jade had signed with WWE in 2024, she hadn’t been announced as a participant in this year’s match. Unsurprisingly, the crowd went nuts when “A storm is coming,” was heard blasting through the arena’s speaker system.

Following an immense showing, which saw her powerfully eliminate “The Immovable Force” Nia Jax, Cargill made it to the final three, losing out to Liv Morgan and eventual winner Bayley. While Jade did appear in AEW’s Fight Forever video game, many are wondering if she’ll make an appearance in this year’s WWE 2K24.

Could Jade Cargill be in WWE 2K24?

It’s unlikely that Jade Cargill will be featured in the game’s base roster when it releases on March 8. With her debut coming less than two months before WWE 2K24’s launch, it leaves very little time for them to work on a character model, not even mentioning her entrance and moveset.

It’s more likely that Cargill will feature in DLC later in the year. For example, Bray Wyatt made his in-ring return at the 2023 Royal Rumble, and was released as extra content in July of the same year.

Many have suggested that because Cargill signed with WWE in September of last year, there’s a chance that 2K started working on her character model then, but seeing as she hadn’t appeared on TV yet, this seems like a stretch.

In our opinion, Cargill will be added to the game as downloadable content later in the year, receiving the same treatment as CM Punk, who fans also want to see in 2K24.