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The Titanfall developers, Respawn Entertainment’s, newest game Apex Legends is making waves in the Battle Royale scene. Its revolutionary use of squad oriented gameplay and its Overwatch style class system are new to the genre, and people are all for it. However, the question on a lot of players minds is: Is Apex Legends actually free?

In short, yes. Apex Legends is a Free-to-Play game that is free to download on Xbox, PS4, and PC, but it does have a definite microtransaction system. Here are a few more details.

Apex Legends has Free-to-Play players in mind

Respawn Entertainment has made it very clear that Free-to-Play players will not be discriminated against and will never be at a disadvantage in games against players who do choose to spend money.  In fact, they go as far as to say the following:

“No buying gameplay advantage. Period. When you enter the Ring, no player will have a gameplay advantage based on how much they spent. Your skill is the only thing that will get you to the highest levels of play.” (Source)

This means that Apex Legends is free and meant to offer a fair playing field distinctly void of pay-to-win mechanics. If you want to spend absolutely no money on the game, you won’t be disadvantaged against people who do spend.

What can money buy you?

So if Apex Legends is free, what does spending money on the game do for you?  Spending money on the game gives you a special in-game currency called Apex Coins. These can be used to buy specific skins, paint jobs for guns, Apex Packs (the Apex Legends version of loot boxes), and even the Legends themselves. In the future, whenever competitive seasons start, you will be able to spend the Apex Coins on a Battle Pass that will give you access to exclusive content during each season of play.

Titanfall, is Apex legends free, free to play

Notice that none of the things you can spend real money on can give you a real competitive edge. It’s mostly cosmetic. Spending money on Apex Legends is an option that lets you support the developers, customize your Legends the way you want, and make your guns look cool and interesting.

How do Free-to-Play players unlock cosmetics and new Legends?

Apex Legends is free, but getting cosmetics and new Legends can be a little time consuming for those who opt to not spend money. As you play the game, you will accrue two different types of in-game currency:  Crafting Metals and Legend Tokens

Is Apex Legends free, free to play, Titanfall

Crafting Metals can be used to craft cosmetics like skins or gun paint jobs. Legend Tokens can be saved up to eventually allow you to buy new Legends as they release. In addition to this, each time you level up your account you will be awarded one Apex Pack which will have 3 randomized items in it and one guaranteed rare tier or better drop.

What do players start with?

If you’re curious to try the game out, but you don’t want to spend any money, don’t worry! Apex Legends offers 6 Legends for free to everyone! These Legends are Bloodhound the Technological Tracker, Gibraltar the Shield Fortress, Lifeline the Combat Medic, Pathfinder the Forward Scout, Wraith the Interdimensional Skirmisher,  and Bangalore the Professional Soldier.

is Apex Legends free, free to play, Titanfall, what legends do you start with

With these 6 Legends, players can hop right into the game free of charge.


Is Apex Legends free? Yes, it is. Respawn Entertainment has done a very good job of making sure that Free-to-Play players are welcome, capable, and encouraged to play the game at the highest level. While many may give you a way to better customize your Legends, a Free-to-Play player can achieve the exact same thing given enough time.

If you’re interested in downloading Apex Legends, be sure to check out our Download Guide and Character & Ability Guide.