Ovilee May, host of G2's Making the Squad, talks on her show experience
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Ovilee May has quite the record built in the esports industry, having worked with some of the top brands in the scene, including Yahoo Esports, Riot Games, and Team Liquid. Currently, Ovilee May is a part of the broadcast team of the NA LCS, where she mainly focuses on interviewing players and other sideline reports. Recently, Daily Esports had the chance to talk with May about her newest project with G2 Esports, Making the Squad 2, where candidates compete to become a part of G2 Esports as a content creator.

Daily Esports: How was the overall experience working with G2 Esports and the contestants part of Making the Squad?

Ovilee May: As much as I like to throw shade during the regular season, I need to give props to G2 for their content. They’re one of the few organizations that understand the type of content that the scene lacks and are looking to fill in the gap. Making the Squad is something that is the first of its kind, and I was very excited to be a part of it.

What was the most fun aspect of the talent show for you?

I personally loved watching each of the contestants try to come up with ways to tackle each challenge while displaying their own strengths and personalities. Josh was seemingly good at everything and could tackle multiple challenges with ease, but people like Tasha had to continuously get creative and break out of their shells to accomplish each task. A lot of our contestants underwent significant growth during the competition, and I think it can be seen in each episode.

Has anything happened off-camera that you would have wanted to see make it into one of the episodes?

There’s a lot of friendship forging and bonding that the contestants did off-camera that I would have loved for the audience to see. But they all documented their trip in Berlin, so if you’re interested in seeing some highlights of what they did you can check out each of their individual social media pages!

Which of the challenges has been your favorite of the show? And why?

My personal favorite was the cosplay challenge because there wasn’t a single stale or boring costume. Each cosplay screamed fun and creative and it was definitely the hardest challenge to end up judging. I think that everyone was a winner in that challenge, but unfortunately, this is still a competition and only one person can win it.

You have quite a history of creating content throughout the years. Is there anyone you would be interested in interviewing or creating content with?

2019 was the first year that I tried doing content that I wanted to see in the scene instead of mimicking things that already existed. I started working with teams in NA like Team Liquid, Cloud9, and TSM, and G2 in the EU to create fun and innovative content that the community ended up loving. I think the next step for me would be to try to create content with some of the eastern organizations who are looking to branch out into the western audiences. I’d love to do a short funny video with Faker or get some dance moves out of DoinB!

Some people might know you from your work on the LCS, or further back with your time as a content creator with Yahoo. What is something not many people know about you?

Surprisingly, not a lot of people know that I stream! I try to get time in whenever I’m not working and have a great community of viewers that I love spending time with. Captain Flowers and I do scary game streams and sometimes C9 Coach Reapered will try to teach me how to be better at League of Legends. Come join us!


Keep up with Ovilee May on her Twitch channel.

The finale of Making the Squad 2 will be released on Dec. 13, where one of the candidates will become a part of G2 Esports. For more of Making the Squad, be sure to check out our interview with the candidates tomorrow.