International Women's Day: The most effective female Overwatch heroes
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Happy International Women’s Day, everyone! To celebrate the day, we’re going to take a look at some of the most effective female heroes currently being used in Overwatch. Overwatch has plenty of creative and deadly women to choose from, but at the moment, the meta has five in particular standing out.

1. D.Va

D.Va is and has been one of the strongest heroes in Overwatch. Her Defense Matrix is one of the best defensive moves in the game as it allows her to defend her allies and “eat” important abilities. She has good mobility that makes her a great pick for both dive teams and defensive teams. Then there’s her ultimate, Self-Destruct, which is a great zoning tool that can single-handedly wipe an enemy team if they aren’t careful.

2. Mei

Mei is widely known as being the most annoying hero in the game. This, however, doesn’t deter players from abusing her. She has crowd control, utility, and a lot of damage to boot. While she will surely get nerfed soon, right now she is one of the most intimidating heroes at all levels of play in Overwatch.

3. Widowmaker

She may not be the nicest woman in the game, but she has definitely been one of the most prominent. Widowmaker is a mobile sniper who has made life miserable for her enemies since the game was released in 2016. She remains a top pick in OWL and competitive play to this day, especially on maps like Junkertown and Havana where she can snipe foes safely from a distance.

4. Tracer

Tracer might not be the threat that she once was, but she is still iconic to the game. This weekend, she has found new life since McCree and Widowmaker are out of the Hero Pool, and she will always be a good pick for getting back to the objective quickly.

5. Ana

As a sniper that heals her team, Ana is one of the most unique heroes in Overwatch. She has seen varying degrees of success over the years but once again finds herself at the top. She has a dedicated fanbase of players, and even has her own game mode called “Ana Paintball.”

Who is your favorite female hero in Overwatch? Who do you think is the strongest?