International 10 tickets released along with updates to spectator mode
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Valve released a blog post on Thursday announcing official ticket sales for the International 10. The post also includes several quality of life changes for spectators and the release of a compendium for the event.

Tickets for the International 10

Tickets for the International 10 will be for sale starting Sept. 22. These are for the main event of the International 10, which begins on Oct. 12. Tickets will be sold in separate two day bundles:

Midweek 1 (October 12 and 13): 249 Lei/ $60

Midweek 2: (October 14 and 15) 249 Lei/ $60

Finals: (October 16 and 17) 999 Lei / $237

The ticket section of the blog post also outlines the COVID-19 precautions that attendees must take when attending the event. Find out more on the FAQ.

The compendium and quality of life changes

Valve has given all players free access to this year’s compendium. While items are a part of the compendium, the focus seems to be on player cards and fantasy. Valve is also running a discount on all Supporter’s Clubs, making it easy for players to support their favorite teams. If a player has already bought a Supporter’s Club, they will receive several prizes for the compendium:

Bronze: 1 basic pack, 1 team pack

Silver: 6 basic packs, 2 team packs (for a total of 7 basic and 3 team packs)

Gold: 7 basic packs, 3 team packs (for a total of 14 basic and 6 team packs)

Valve also introduced several quality of life updates to the spectator mode in order for viewers to have as much information as possible from home. Status indicators on the HUD now account for Smoke of Deceit and Aegis of the Immortal. The Aegis timer is also pingable, which means that players can alert their teammates in game. Viewers can also check the remaining duration of a player’s Black King Bar and Shared Tangoes.

In addition to visual updates, there is also an update on the stats shown when a game is casted. Networth drop down graph now also shows a player’s buyback status. The amount of Observers and Sentries will also be shown when a spectator checks when opening a team’s shop.

Graph QOL update for The International
the combo graph will represent the most important information during a match. | Provided by: Valve

Graphs have also been improved in the viewing experience. A new combo graph will now portray win probability, gold, and XP all at once, as well as deltas, without needing to select separate graphs. A “Momentum bar” has also been added to show which team has been in control of the game for the last two minutes.

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